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Metal Production & Fabrication

Metal production refers to all processes involved in the conversion of raw, metallic ore to a final, commercially viable form. The extracted metal is often mixed with other elements through various methods to remove impurities and produce different types of alloys, each with unique characteristics. Metals are first cast into billets, blooms, or slabs before being worked further into additional form factors.
In the final stages of metal production, the finished product is formed into shapes that can be easily used to make commercial products. For example, steel can be purchased as sheets, coils, cylinders, rods, pipes, beams and more.

The term steel refers to a number of different substances that contain iron as their major component along with one or more other elements.

All of our steel and other metals and alloys come in various grades and standards depending on the client's unique requirements. Samples are always available upon request.


BM Trading can help you source high quality iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals and alloys in form factors ready for industrial use.

Different production processes include hot or cold rolled, forged or cast, extruded or drawn, etc. The finished surface can be plated, brushed, buffed, grinded, sand blasted, powder coated, liquid painted, or blackened.

How Steel Is Produced



BM Trading can also produce and fabricate individual metal parts and assemble finished products. If the part or product you need doesn't already exist in the market, we can quickly get it designed and manufactured here in China, and at a highly competitive price. Call us today and let's talk about your next project. Put our 10+ years of China sourcing experience to work for you!

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